Travel & Attendance Policies

Summary of Band Policies for the Coffman, Jerome, and Scioto Marching Bands

Travel Policy

  • To help ensure student safety, all Band students are expected to travel with the Band to and from all away activities. Exceptions must be requested in writing at least one day before the activity. Describe fully the reasons for the request. Band staff will approve or disapprove the request or ask for additional information.
  • To maintain an accurate bus count, students with approved requests must check with the bus chaperone to ensure that their exception is listed and that the chaperone knows who they are. Parents or other adults must meet the students after the event. Students must check out with a Band staff member.

Attendance Policy

  • Band members’ attendance and participation is vital to the success of the entire Band and the individual rows and sections. Also, understanding and following this attendance policy helps each Band member become a better person and musician.
  • The band program is not an excuse for tardy or incomplete work in other academic classes. Students must use their time carefully to be good Band members and good students.
  • A detailed schedule of rehearsals and concerts, one to two months in advance, is posted in the practice room area. Students must note these dates and notify parents to avoid conflicts, such as doctor appointments. Schedule information is also available at Music Boosters meetings, at and in the Music Boosters newsletter.
  • Band staff announces rehearsals, performances, and other functions at least two weeks in advance and all members are required to attend, unless the Director approves an absence. Unapproved absences result in placement in another ensemble or a position of secondary participation.
  • All rehearsals (classes) and performances are required to ensure full participation each week. To be able to return to their marching positions, students who miss any non school day or after-school practice must, on their return, bring the Director a parent’s note explaining the absence. Unexcused absences result in the student’s removal from a regular or shared position for a specified time.
  • Students sit out a week’s performances if they miss 50% or more of the practices, including any three days of practice or both full-group rehearsals.
  • Students must be in school at least one-half day, or be on a school-sponsored field trip, to participate in an evening performance. Also, jobs are not acceptable excuses for missing rehearsals or performances.
  • In general the above-mentioned policies apply to all schools. Additional school specific policies may also apply.

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Music Booster Meetings 2014-2015

Executive Board @ 6:30 PM, General Meeting @ 7:30 PM

August 25 - Coffman Band Room

September 22 - Jerome Band Room

October 27 - Scioto Band Room

November - No meeting

December 1 - Coffman Band Room

January 26 - Jerome Band Room
(Executive Board Members only)

February 23- Scioto Band Room
(Executive Board Members only)

March 23 - Coffman Band Room
(Executive Board Members only)

April 27 - Jerome Band Room

May 18 - Scioto Band Room

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