Director Update 12/10/14 – OMEA Solo & Ensembles – Winter Guard

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By , December 11, 2014 10:21 am

Solo and Ensemble Update:
For anyone new, Solo and Ensemble is one of the (if not THE most) important time for a young musicians development.  All of our soloists will develop more in the next two months than in any other part of the year.  Our students performing in an ensemble will be asked to raise their level of musicianship because there is only one person playing each part.

How to Pay for Solos and Ensembles:
NEW FOR 2014! – Payment can be made ONLINE or by check made out to the Dublin Music Boosters.  The Band Staff highly encourages you to use the online payment option due to the number of events and the logistics in handling checks/cash.
To pay online go to:
>> <<

If you choose to not pay online, checks should be made out to: “Dublin Music Boosters”.  Please deliver check to your concert band director.

For all soloists, you must pay online ($17) AND fill out the form passed out in class.

For Ensemble Captains, you must pay for yourself online ($14) AND fill out the form passed out in class.

For Ensemble Members (Non-Ensemble Captains), you must pay for yourself online ($14).

How to Register for Solo or Ensemble:
Students were given a form today in Band Class that needs to be filled out by Friday.  All of the information can be found in the band office area OR at the following address:

This form is not an OMEA form.  It is created by the Band Staff.  All first chair performers are asked to complete the form that is turned into the Band Staff.

Note about Ensembles:
For the past 5 years, the band staff has hired in local professionals to help teach the ensembles that can not be taught by DCHS teachers.  Each student is asked to pay $14 which covers registration and compensates these non-district employees.  None of the DCHS Band Directors receive monetary compensation from this event.  These extra educators are necessary because with 36 ensembles, Mr. Bradstreet, Mr. Wallick, and Mr. De La Cruz would not see sunlight for 2 months.  This creates an unhealthy environment and it is possible that each director might turn into a vampire.

Note about Accompanists:
We have been helping locate Piano Accompanists for soloists for a few years.  By providing this service, we hope to fill the void that a private teacher should be providing.  PLEASE double check with your private teacher to see if they can help with finding an accompanist.  We hope to help the people that CAN’T FIND ONE, not be the first place that you use.  If you need an accompanist we need to know by this Friday and the music MUST be in a directors hands by Thursday, Dec. 18 (Exam day).  Any music not turned in by this date will need to find their own accompanist.  These piano players need time to prepare the music and giving it to them in January is too late for most professional piano players.

Winter Guard:
Please >> DOWNLOAD the Winter Guard Fees document << for the payment schedule details.  To reserve your spot in Winter Guard, the first deposit is due this Sunday 12/14/14.


Philly/NYC Parent Meeting Re-cap
& “Weight Loss Results – Band Director Edition”

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By , November 23, 2014 11:31 am

Band Uniform Clarification:
All white pants and shoes must be cleaned before departure.  Remember it takes the pants some time to dry.  This should be done this weekend to insure that they are dry.

Broadway Show Dress Clarification:
We would like the kids to dress in NOTHING LESS CASUAL than jeans and a “nice” shirt/top on Saturday.  No sweats or athletic wear for pants.  We will be walking around NYC all day and being in dress clothes is unrealistic.

Mr. and Mrs. Snide have donated 180 zipper pocket lanyards for use on the trip.  The students will wear their lanyard at all times and will provide a safe place to store their money and information for the trip. Thank you!!

Parade Viewing On TV and Live Streaming on the Internet:
The parade may be viewed two different ways.  In Columbus, parents should check their local cable provider for the “WWHO” network.  They can watch the live broadcast from 9:00am – 12:00.  WWHO is a sister station of WSYX and they agreed to specifically air this parade for the Dublin families.

Another way to view the telecast is to log on to the following links.  This is a “Live Feed” and will not be the same as the TV coverage on WWHO.

The personnel at 6abc in Philadelphia think that the Dublin Coffman Band would pass through the televised area somewhere around 9:05 to 9:25 but of course this is not guaranteed.

If you didn’t attend the meeting, we’ve provided the handouts as attachments.
Main Points:

>> Philly / NYC Itinerary (PDF) <<

  1. If your son or daughter takes medications, they need to pick up a card from a director on MONDAY for you to provide the prescription name, dose, frequency and and side effects.
  2. If any medications have changed since band camp, you will need to update your district form
    >> 2340C-F1 <<
  3.  We’ve reached out to every student (and parents that attended the meeting) that used an outdated/incorrect form from band camp that granted permission to go to both band camp and the Philly/NYC trip.  You child received this information last week and we are still missing forms.  This is a notarized form and is attached. >> 2340C-F1 <<
  4. Please review the rules and regulations with your child.  Any serious infraction will result in the student being sent home at the parent’s expense. >> DCS 2340C-F3)<<
  5. Carry-On bag needs to be soft case such as a back pack.
  6. Please read over the packing instructions. >> Packing Instructions – Philly 14 <<
  7. Students need enough money for 3 Lunches and 1 (possibly 2) Breakfasts.  All other expenses is whatever they might want for souvenirs.

Band Director Weight Loss Challenge:
The results are in!!  After three months of grueling conditions, the directors at Dublin Coffman High School have ended their weight loss challenge.  We started with 3 but Mr. Wallick pulled out early due to a conflict of interests.  His publicist put out this statement: “Mr. Wallick loves food too much to not eat it.”

Mr. Bradstreet came up short in the last 3 weeks of the challenge.  He had two options: 1) Go the the gym after school and work out or 2) Work after school on the logistics of the trip to insure an amazing experience for the wonderful band students at Dublin Coffman High School.  Mr. Bradstreet chose #2.  Because of his tireless dedication to the logistics and planning of the trip, he hopes the students, chaperones and directors have a fun trip filled with memories that will last a lifetime.  However, this decision let the door open for Mr. De La Cruz.

Mr. De La Cruz was the convincing winner!  He worked tirelessly at the gym and made many healthy lifestyle choices that have paid off tremendously.  He also took advantage of not having a daughter that eats Pop-Tarts every morning and two sons who love to have their dad make S’Mores in the microwave for them every evening.

In the end, Mr. De La Cruz and Mr. Bradstreet lost a combined total of 50.2 lbs.  Mr. De La Cruz lost 13% body weight and Mr. Bradstreet lost 11% body weight.

Congratulations to Mr. De La Cruz!


Director Update 11/19/14 – Three Items

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By , November 19, 2014 3:10 pm

We will have a Parent Meeting that will discuss all of the logistics, itinerary, medications, meals, and rules for everyone going on the trip on WEDNESDAY, NOV. 19 at 7:00p.m. in the PAC.

Please plan on attending.  Students will NOT need to be present at this meeting.  They will go over the rules and regulations the week of the trip during 5th period.

We need a few strong parents to help us move luggage from the cafeteria to the buses on Tuesday night when we leave.  Please use the following link to sign up!

As of 5th period today we are behind in our preparation.  Because of this, we’ve added two rehearsals to help us prepare for our television debut.  We have asked the kids to come in on Friday after school and Monday after school to help get us ready.

These two practices will be from 3:00 – 4:30.  Sorry for the late notice but we are not where we need to be with music memorization and can not go outside until we learn our notes.  We know that the students might have conflict.  If they can please make an attempt to be at our practices, the band will sound better.




Director Update 11/12/14

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By , November 12, 2014 1:01 pm

SATURDAY’s Game AWAY vs Huber Heights Wayne
This game will be played at Bellefontaine HS, Bellefontaine, OH
Report Time: 4:00pm
Uniform: Cross-Belt Uniform
Game Time: 7:00p.m.
Parking: $3
Coffman will sit on the “Home” side

Next Week Schedule:
Monday (No School) – Band Banquet – Dinner at 6:00pm
Thursday (When we beat Wayne…) – Practice from 3:10 – until we get our job done. Approx. 5:00 pm

Band Banquet:
The students’ meals are free! If a parent does not plan on eating with the students, you may still attend the awards ceremony in the PAC that starts at roughly 7:00pm.
For reservations for parents only:
>> CLICK HERE to Make Your Online Reservation Today!!! <<

Deadline: Tomorrow 11/13/14 MIDNIGHT

Family Run Through (re-scheduled and given a new time)

Thursday, Nov. 13 at 4:45 PM. IT WILL BE COLD. IT WILL BE DARK. LET’S HAVE SOME FUN!!!
(We know some families will have a harder time getting there at 4:45 however with daylight hours and the temperature, we are hoping this works.)

Philly/NYC Trip Parent Meeting:
We will have a Parent Meeting that will discuss all of the logistics, itinerary, medications, meals, and rules for everyone going on the trip on WEDNESDAY, NOV. 19 at 7:00p.m. in the PAC. Please plan on attending. Students will NOT need to be present at this meeting. They will go over the rules and regulations the week of the trip during 5th period.

Marching Band Schedule During the PLAYOFFS
The band will rehearse for all play-off games on Thursdays after school. We will start at 3:10 and finish when the “work is done”. We are flexible with your schedules but ask that anything “routine” be worked around such as work or doctor’s visits. Excused absences such as out-of-town trips or practice for a winter sport are all excused absences. Participation in games are mandatory except where excused by Mr. Bradstreet. Please remember that all GAMES are on SATURDAY.


Private Lessons
Last year the Dublin Coffman Band Program had 60% of its students in private lessons and we are hoping to raise that number to 75% of all band students. Attached is the list of preferred teachers. With concert band auditions and solo and ensemble around the corner, now is the time to start!

If you have any questions about how private lessons work or if they would be good for your child, please email Jeremy Bradstreet at <>

Philly/NYC TV Release Form
EVERY STUDENT GOING ON THE PHILLY TRIP NEEDS TO SEND IN THE FOLLOWING FORM. It was do this past Monday to one of the band directors. Please >>DOWNLOAD the Philly-NYC TV Release Form << if you haven’t been given a hard copy from your child. Please return this form immediately.

Great news for anyone not attending the Philly Parade:
Thanks to Tony D’Angelo, GM, at WSYX and our very own Mr. Scott Binder:

Please note the following program change for WWHO/CW Columbus:
WWHO will air the “Dunkin’ Donuts Thanksgiving Day Parade” on Thursday, 11/27/14, 9am-12pm, LIVE from Philadelphia.


DCMB Awards Banquet – Monday, Nov. 17th 2014

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By , November 5, 2014 9:12 pm

Check-in begins at 5:30pm
Dinner at 6pm
Awards Ceremony 7-9pm
Coffman High School Commons & PAC

>> Make your Online Reservation Today! <<

RESERVATION DEADLINE:  Thursday, November 13, 2014 MIDNIGHT

Please join the Dublin Coffman Marching Band family to celebrate the culmination of another award winning season showcasing their 2014 performance:  Musica del Corazon!

Reservation Information:

Advance reservations are required. Due to limited seating, only THREE guests per band member. Cost of the dinner is $15 per person. Band members eat FREE!

Enjoy a delicious dinner buffet catered by Berwick Manor Catering.

Adults: $15/per person
(ALL band members eat FREE!)


  • Chicken Parmesan w/ Dinner Rolls
  • Penne Pasta w/ Alfredo or Marinara Sauce
  • Tossed Salad w/ Italian or Ranch Dressing
  • Chocolate or Strawberry Sundae Cake Dessert
  • Bottled Water

>> Make your Online Reservation Today! <<

RESERVATION DEADLINE:  Thursday, November 13, 2014
(Now accepting secure online payment thru Paypal – no account necessary.
You will be prompted for credit card information.)

Contact Special Events Coordinator:
Chris Brown at 614.402.4379. or Email:


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